Students Weigh in on Ebola

Story by Catherine Hutinett Ebola is a hot topic right now, but is Ebola as serious in the United States as it is in Africa? Students weighed in. “In other countries that are not as rich

Macho Man Volleyball

Story by Sophie Black On Thurs, November 20th the West volleyball girls hosted  the “Macho Man Volleyball Tournament.” This allowed any boys in the school to come together to form teams to play volleyball in

Fleenor Finds New Joy in Christmas

Christmas joy usually comes from presents under the tree, and while this is some’s favorite part about the holiday, some want to spend it a different way. Though unlike others, Junior Audrey Fleenor looked

Student Life
Student Senate Puts a New Face on Courtwarming

Story by Emily White The Courtwarming dance is the least attended dance held by West, but this year, the student senate is taking action in an effort to draw more attention to the post-winter break

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