Why Oktoberfest?

Over the weekend, Downtown Lee’s Summit Hosted the annual Oktoberfest. Ashton Dobson brings you an interview with Tyler Butler on why he chose to spend his weekend

Amidst Conflict, Titans Lose Border War

Story by Annie Thomas On Sept. 26, the showdown began on the Lee’s Summit High School’s football field as the Titans took on the Tigers. The border war game had been anticipated by both students at

Background of ALS

Story by Catherine Hutinett Although millions of people have dumped large amounts of ice water on their heads, it’s possible that some do not know the true reasoning behind the ALS ice bucket challenge. So what

Student Life
“Sleeping Deeply”: More than a Summer Project

Story by Abbey Stoetzel As many Titans spent their summer swimming in pools and working on their tan, Senior Candace Bruce and former Titan Logan Triplett filmed a short film: “Sleeping Deeply.” “Sleeping Deeply is about

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