Rickel Cares for Pups

To Students, Susie Rickel is known for her paraprofessional work with life skills. Outside of school, she takes on another type of work. Mickayla Martin brings you the…

Titans Lose on Senior Night
Titans Lose on Senior Night

To rap up the home season, Boys Basketball took on Blue Springs Wildcats. They would lose 51-47. Dylan Johnson brings you the…

Diets Define Health

Story by Lexie Salamone Experts agree that it’s important to put good things into your body in order to get good things out. People all around the world eat on different diets because of many…

Student Life
Llorente Lives for Theater
Llorente Lives for Theater

Since eighth grade, Emanual Llorente has had a a passion for theater. But will he leave it behind after high school?  Ally Mariot brings you the…

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